YoWhatsApp Free APK Download updated version v7.81 (2019)

YoWhatsApp Free Download updated version v7.81 (2019)

YoWatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD, to be more direct it is one of the best WhatsApp MODs that exists. It’s a WhatsApp-based application and brings a lot more things added than in the other versions, some people think it’s better than  GBWhatsApp .

YoWhatsApp is an application that works as an alternative version of the WhatsApp messenger. Using the app, users gain numerous extra features that will change the way they interact with your messages.

With YoWhatsApp on your device, you get access to your messages through the app’s own interface, which is basically a clone of the original WhatsApp app with several new features.

Among the features that YoWhatsApp offers are the possibility to view messages that have been deleted in the conversations, adding several personalized themes and several new emoticons that can be used in your messages. But you do not have to worry about how to use YoWhatsApp, since the most common functions are accessed in exactly the same way as in the original messenger.

The app alters one of WhatsApp’s messenger limitations making it possible to forward your messages to a larger number of users at once, which by default of the messenger offers a very limited amount for this option. YoWhatsApp still makes it possible for you to watch videos forwarded from Youtube without leaving the messaging application interface.

In addition to all the functions you get when using YoWhatsApp, the app changes the look of your messenger making your appearance completely customizable and fun. How about changing the way you interact with your messages and your friends, with many security features and functions that allow you to make WhatsAp usability even more personalized?

Latest version of YoWhatsApp: v7.81 (2019)

Application Size: 44.35MB

Operating System: Android 4.0+

YoWhatsApp APK free

Differences between YoWhatsApp and WhatsApp

YoWhatsApp has more functions than the classic WhatsApp, among the main differences are: Change the background color of the App, Change the icon of the application (it is to fool the curious on your cell phone), Change Emojis, among other things.

Another difference is that you can use multiple accounts at the same time, allowing you to have several types of contact, both professional and personal on the same phone, and the conversations are separated, which helps in the organization of contacts if you use the application a lot.

Latest YoWhatsApp updates

The most up-to-date version of this app is 7.81, for you to download it to your phone, it must have Android 4.0 or higher, just so you can use it.

In this most up-to-date version there are some modifications that will further improve your in-app navigation and ways to use it, making it even more interesting.

YoWhatsApp Updates

  • Find out which messages have been deleted;
  • Watch videos from youtube without leaving YoWhatsApp;
  • Widget background color;
  • Widget contact name text color;
  • Widget status, unread message text color;
  • New FAB call on call screen;
  • Hide gallery media;
  • New bubbles;
  • Base updated to v12.18.65;
  • Set the background image to the main screen;
  • End call hanging on some phones;
  • More fixes for icon counter;
  • New ticks;
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


Main Features of YoWhatsApp

Regular updates: YoWhatsApp is updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, available to everyone in the Play Store. If you’re scared of regular updates, you do not have to worry about YoWhatsApp.

Set image as background for the home screen: If you love any background image, you can quickly set the image on the talk screen, allowing you to add more colorful customization features to your YoWhatsApp.

Chat Feature: There is a Chat Chat feature that will allow users to change the chat screen according to need. If you want to make your WhatsApp look like the WhatsApp from iOS, you can do it with the help of YoWhatsApp.

Freeze Last viewed: You can freeze the last seen from your WhatsApp. This feature is available throughout the modified version of WhatsApp. When I say freezing last seen, until you will see frozen last seen of your friend.

Call Blocker: We’ve noticed our friends calling again and again in WhatsApp. Even if we cancel the call, sometimes they call you again and again. In the official version of WhatsApp you can not disable this feature, but with the help of YoWhatsapp, you can block your WhatsApp friends.

Themes for YoWhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp updated

To download and apply theme in YoWhatsApp it is necessary that you have the YoWhatsApp APK downloaded and installed on the mobile phone, have downloaded the Fouad_Whats APK and RAR (to unpack) .

After you have downloaded the APKs on your phone and installed them, open YoWhatsApp and select YoMods, click YoThemes, now just load the theme in XML format and apply.

Download the best themes for YoWhatsApp and apply as explained above, your Mod WhatsApp will look really cool.

We tested YoWhatsApp, see what we think:

For those looking for something different and that of a certain security and privacy this is the application you are looking for, with it we can change the whole YoWhatsApp, even the icon, if you like to leave everything with your face, YoWhatsApp will enable you give your special touch to your WhatsApp. Whether you know more about this app, I suggest you download it and find out even more, I guarantee you will not regret it at all.

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