Windows X: New operating system should run surprisingly on laptops

Microsoft took an unusual approach at its Surface event and took a look at Surface devices for 2020. The Surface Neo mainly consists of two displays and is foldable. For this to work, Microsoft has developed a special version of Windows, Windows 10X. Surprisingly, a leaked Microsoft document now reveals that Windows 10X should also be usable on ordinary laptops.

The Windows family will be extended by a new member, Windows 10X, where the “X” is pronounced as the letter and should stand for “expression”. The special edition of Windows 10 appeared earlier on Windows Lite or codenamed Santorini. Now the cat is out of the bag, Windows 10X is Windows 10, which is optimized for operation with two displays. Microsoft introduced the new system on a planned new Surface device. The Surface Neo is expected to hit the market in 2020.

A (unintentionally) leaked Microsoft document now provides more insight into the new Windows OS: An in-house presentation Micosoft was apparently available for a short time online, as a resourceful Twitter user noticed. Another user also managed to take screenshots of the presentation before it was taken back from the servers. On the pictures you can see the new start menu (now called “Launcher”), a new login with improved face recognition, a simplified notification center and a revised file explorer, which also includes the touch function to integrate.
Perhaps the most exciting new information from the leaked document: Unlike previously thought, Windows 10X is not planned exclusively for devices with two displays. Instead, a basic version of the taskbar is apparently planned, which will also be usable on ordinary laptops with a single screen 

Windows (not only) for two displays

Of course, Windows 10 can always handle multiple displays, but Windows 10X is for dual-screen devices that consist of just two displays, like the Surface Neo. Windows 10X allows both the operation of two screens separately, as well as in an overall view. For example, you can read emails on the left and if you click on a link, it will be opened on the right screen. Apps can be dragged across the screens, for easier operation, there is also an optimized start menu.
Importantly, Microsoft has decided against a foldable display, as they are installed in the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X and deliberately placed on two separate screens.

With keyboard support

But as cool as the Surface Neo looks, Microsoft does not forget what you’re working with today, and that’s just the keyboard. That’s why Windows 10X supports it too. If the hardware keyboard is flipped up, the device switches to the appropriate mode. Work is then mainly on a screen, much of the second screen covers the keyboard. The rest of the display surface becomes Wonderbar, where Microsoft shows helpful elements such as emojis or you can use the surface as a trackpad.

Apps and programs

Windows 10X will not only support apps, but will also be able to run normal programs using a special container technique. This Microsoft learns from past mistakes in which the devices were slimmed down too much. So users get an optimized and streamlined Windows with almost all harassment. Not that you always need that, but good to know that you could do it with Windows 10X.