Top 10 Online Photo Edit Sites

Top 10 Online Assembling Sites

Have you tried using these applications to change your face on Android or iPhone but consider yourself an old-school person and can only use certain programs right from the computer? You are not alone! Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to resort to editing software such as Photoshop and GIMP, as there are sites for making online assemblies that play the role.

If you have never found an option that could balance simplicity to make online assemblies of photos taken on a day-to-day basis at the same time that does not cover an exorbitant amount for that. That’s why we’ve been searching the internet for some web-based editingoptions and we’ve brought you 10 alternatives that you can try out, but check out our list of the 14 best photo editor software too.

Are you going to learn how to make montages to improve your biography photo on Instagram , play with family photos or learn how to professionally create images and get jobs on those sites to work from home ? Then continue reading below to find the site that will meet your need!

1. Photoreceptor

Our first option is Fotor, which serves both those who are looking for sites to make assemblies online or for those who prefer to download a program on the computer and not be dependent on a constant connection.

Fotor has three options: edit photos , create designs or assemble collages. In the editing area is where you can retouch your photos and correct bad photos so they can turn ideas into posts on Instagram , for example.

It has simple tools for this edition. You can crop unwanted parts, rotate the photo, and make adjustments such as brightness, exposure, saturation, and color.

It is worth noting that you can also resize them so that they are the perfect size for social networks that you want to post the photo. Photor is free, with extra features in the paid version.

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2. Pixlr

Like Photor, Pixlr also has software version – which is paid for – and mobile applications. Also free, your only requirement is that you have Adobe Flash installed in your browser.

If you already have some familiarity with Photoshop, Pixlr may be a more viable option than Fotor. Like Adobe software, Pixlr has a layered editing interface. In addition, it brings some interesting features to anyone who is looking for applications to whiten teeth and correct imperfections in photographs.

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3. Aviary

Like Pixlr, Aviary has an image editor for both browsers and Android or iPhone. However, its interface differs from both it and Fotor, mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Among the online mounts that are mentioned here, Aviary is the one that seems to have the greatest number of resources. In addition to the basic editing tools, the website brings various borders, adjustments, special effects filters to include in your photos.

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4. Canva

One of the biggest sites to make assemblies online, we already mentioned the Canva in our article with indications of tools for designers . However, even if you are not a professional in the field, it is perfectly possible to learn how to use it.

In addition to being free, the Canva is one of the most complete options in this list. Through it, you can mount in your photos or adapt them to social media like Instagram Shopping , for example.

Canva is also an excellent tool for anyone who needs to create graphic material, with templates for business cards, banners and postcards, among others. Whether it’s to create weird montages or edit images for your business, Canva is a free option – with a paid version – that can meet your need.

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5. Snappa

If you are not just looking for websites to do online photo assembly but also create images for the company you work for, Snappa may be the ideal solution. Oriented to building these graphics, you’ll be able to create images for social media, blog posts or ads.

If you want to learn how to poll Instagram , for example, Snappa already has a template for the image you will use to illustrate this content in Instagram Stories . This means that you only need to crop or resize the image to fit the model and thus be perfect for Instagram.

Snappa also features an internal library with free-to-use photos and images for its users..

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6. PicMonkey

Just like Canva and Snappa, PicMonkey is a site that can be used both for online mounts or to create images for social media, blog posts or email marketing . It allows you to make basic edits like cuts, resizing and rotations.

It is also possible to create mosaics , which makes it easy to create that montage with the best photos taken on a trip or an important event, for example.

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7. piZap

It may look like some kind of application for WhatsApp , but piZap has nothing to do with the messenger. This assembling site can be used in the best internet browsers , be it compatible with Adobe Flash or the latest HTML5.

It allows you to upload photos from your computer or cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox. Among its tools, piZap allows you to make various adjustments, with an interface almost all based on sliding bars.

This allows you to test each setting and see its effects immediately. In addition, it has its own collection of images for free use. This library is even bigger if you opt for the premium version of the site, .

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8. FotoFlexer

Like Pixlr, FotoFlexer has a layered interface, inspired by PhotoShop. FotoFlexer also works only on browsers with Adobe Flash.

It allows you to resize, crop, rotate and make adjustments in contrast, brightness and saturation, among others. FotoFlexer also brings unique filters, which can be used in social media posts .

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9. BeFunky

Another of the best known sites for making online assemblies, BeFunky is also a complete and free solution for anyone who wants to start creating their own images. Like Photor, it allows both image editing and your own design work.

That is, you can use both to create collages for your family reunion and in photo editing for Facebook . BeFunky has essential tools for editing, such as cropping, resizing and adjustments in light, color and contrast, among others. Know more about .

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The most basic option between sites to make assemblies online and ideal for beginners. Editing images on  brings all the options available through a top bar.

You can apply filters and borders as well as adjust color and monochrome effects along with brightness, contrast and red-eye correction, among others. stands out for its simplicity in use.

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