SnapTube APK Free Download 2019

Download SnapTube APK (updated 2018)

If you are looking for a better way to download videos and music from YouTube, Snap Tube APK is the solution to your problems, a great application that will help you a lot in the task of downloading music and videos faster and with great ease, it is the ideal application for your Smartphone.

Latest version of SnapTube: V4.53 (2018) | Last updated: 11/29/2018

Application Size: 10.5 MB

Operating System: Android 4.0+

Requirements: Enable “Unknown sources”> Settings> Applications.

The latest updated version of the Snap Tube APK was made available for download in March 2018 and it brings some improvements over the previous version’s application, let’s take a moment about its functions and about the Snap Tube APK as a whole in this article. So stay with us and learn more about this amazing free YouTube music and video download app

What is SnapTube APK?

For those who do not know, SnapTube is an application that gives you the possibility to download music and videos through YouTube, it is a well-built application, it also does not require the need of any other plugin to convert the videos to audio in mp3, it does this on its own when you request it at the time of downloading the desired file.

What is the latest version of SnapTube?

The latest version is 4.53 and was made available in several stores for download in March 2018.

How big is the file?

The file is not large, will not take up much space on your phone and neither of your computer, they are only 10.13MB.

SnapTube Functions

The main functions of Snap Tube are to download videos and music for free, and you can transform this file into mp3 for those who want only the audio of it, so you do not have to download another plugin to do this format conversion.

It also has a great ease when it comes to walking through the application, it is very intuitive and has a good layout, ideal for those who do not have many applications skills and want an easy way to download music and videos.

Updated version to download

As we have already said above, the latest and most up-to-date version of Snap Tube was finalized and posted for download in March 2018 and it is version

SnapTube Music

The Snap Tube is ideal when it comes to music, with it you can download the videos of the clips you like best, all for free and you can even turn that same file into mp3 so you can only listen to the audio on your phone when you want.

SnapTube for Mobile and PC, how to install?

Yes, SnapTube you can install on your phone or on your PC, it’s very simple to do this, let’s take the steps for you to do this, remembering that for both your phone and your computer, downloading this application is very simple and will not require more than 3 minutes of your time.

Download and install SnapTube on your computer

First step – You must download an Android application emulator on the PC, it will help to run the application SnapTube and other applications made for Android that you may have in the future, you can use this BlueStacks App Player emulator , if you already have an emulator , disregard this step.

Step 2 – Next you should go to the official SnapTube website

Step Three – On the official SnapTube website, you must click the “Download” button, if you want, you can also download the beta by the button next to it.

Fourth step – By clicking the button, the download will start automatically on your computer. (if you’re accessing the site from Chrome, just click OK when the installation is stopped)

Step 5 – After your PC completes the download, you should right-click on the downloaded file and go to the “open file with (emulator name)” option.

Ready, the SnapTube app will open and is ready for use.

Download and install Snap Tube on your phone

Step One – You must go to the official Snap Tube website

Second step – On the SnapTube site click ” Download ” (if you are accessing the site by Chrome, just click OK when the installation is interrupted)

Step Three – When the installation is finished click on the notification that will appear on your mobile phone, then click Install. (if you see a “Blocked Installation” message you must enter “Settings” then “Security” – “Unknown sources” and finally “OK”) You should now try to install again.

Ready, the app is ready to be used on your computer.

Can I download the app from SnapTube via Google Play?

No, you can not download the app from SnapTube via Google Play; in fact, this app is not available in the Google store.

According to Google’s usage policy they can not make available to download an app that downloads files from other sites. If you wanted to find this app there, forget it, according to Google standards it will never be available in your store.

SnapTube Online Official

With SnapTube official online you do not need to download anything, nor a program and we will teach you how to use Snap Tube to download the songs and videos you want.

Step One – Go to the YouTube site

Step 2 – Access the video you want to download

Step Three – Copy the URL of the chosen video

Step Four – Visit the official SnapTube website

Step 5 – Paste the URL into the “video url” bar and click “Get Download Links”

Step Six – Now you must select the video format and click “Download”

Ready, your download will start automatically and you will have the music or video you want on your computer or mobile phone.

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