How to get the first 1000 followers on Instagram

If you’re starting to learn about social networking, you may have noticed that Instagram has become the darling of users. But the task of making money on Instagram may seem impossible to anyone who has not yet created a business profile and has not built a fan base. But learning how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram is not as complex a task as it sounds.

But why a thousand followers?

Because that’s the minimum number to be starting to be considered a micro-influencer on the platform.

What does that mean?

It means that you can start registering on platforms for digital influencers , for example. But that’s not the only way to keep a business on Instagram through a profile with a thousand followers.

Other options include the sale of physical or digital products – primarily through Instagram Shopping – or the sale of services, among other options.

Now that you know some business options you can have on the social network, it’s time to learn how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram!

How to optimize your profile to have more followers

The first actions to learn how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram happen before you even create your profile.

But, if you already have an account, no problem. In that case, these first steps will be helpful in redefining the purpose and strategies for reaching that number of followers before you begin working steadily on content.

First step: who will your profile meet?

It’s no use just creating a profile and placing random content. This may even be a way of getting the first thousand followers on Instagram, but those followers will not be very useful.

First and foremost, focus is needed. It’s no use having a thousand random followers who will not interact or be interested in your content.

To make money on Instagram, it is not enough just to have expressive numbers. A thousand engaged and interested followers are worth more in the long run than 10,000 followers who do not give a damn about what they publish. This is also one of the top reasons not to buy fake followers on Instagram.

So, answer the question: who will my profile meet?

Answering this question is important because the answer will guide all your actions and decisions going forward.

Looking to sell fashion by Instagram or produce fashionable content? So a likely answer will be “people looking for fashion tips and how to put together a  look beautiful “.

If the path you’ve chosen influences Instagram , another answer might be “companies that sell fashion and are looking for ways to advertise their products.”

It is worth mentioning that the answers are not excluded, that is, you can – and probably! – you will have more than one answer. But remember the focus: opening too many responses can end up causing confusion.

So, at the beginning, just give up to three answers.

Step 2: Create an optimized profile

Not many people know, but the description of your Instagram profile can also be used strategically to gain followers on Instagram .

So it is necessary to know how to create an aggregator profile, which attracts the user to click the follow button.

To do this, you must follow some steps:

1. Username : Do not be creative here. If you are your brand, your username should be as close as possible to your name. If it’s a brand, use your business name.

Why that? The answer is very simple: to be found in the Instagram searches. If your name is Luciano Larrossa and your username is tenista123, you will make life difficult for those who are looking for you on the platform.

2. Site:  Instagram is very limited in relation to the disclosure of links. So put the link to a website of yours. If you intend to create unique content on Instagram, you can use this area to have users subscribe to an email marketing list or a WhatsApp list .

3. Biography : it is in this area that you must disclose the purpose of your profile. Avoid self descriptions if your intent is to start a business and learn how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram.

In fact, show who is visiting your profile how you can help. To improve your search appearance, enter a central hashtag of your niche in that area. Here are some Instagram bio phrases for suggestions .

Step Three: Creating Content

Most of the legwork is in the third and fourth steps. This is where you will begin to create your first content on Instagram.

A great advantage of social networking is that it is possible to create the most diverse types of content. At the same time, it may seem confusing to know which ones are best for your audience.

The solution to this is called: test! Write down your posts ideas for Instagram and start working on them one by one. After that, access your Instagram metrics  and compare the numbers of each post you made. In this way, you’ll know which types of publications attract new followers and which ones do not work that well.

But it’s not just the kind of content that will make you succeed on Instagram. Some details in producing the content are also needed to attract more followers.

The first detail is the hashtags. It may seem fancy at first glance, but Instagram searches are driven by the terms followed by the iconic “old lady’s game.” That is, if you create a post and do not include the Instagram hashtags in them, your content will appear less in the platform searches.

On the other hand, it is not enough just to choose the most famous hashtags and stay for it. The most popular terms are also the most popular, which decreases your chance of being prioritized in searches, especially at this early stage.

So it’s important to research the best  combinations of hashtags for your segment.

Third Step 2.0: Stories and Lives on Instagram

Still talking about content, do not forget to also produce for Instagram Stories. Although it does not have the reach to reach new followers like the post in the feed, it is essential to improve the engagement of your profile and key piece if you want to learn how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram.

After all, in addition to the feed, you’ll also be in your followers’ Stories bar. There is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of Stories you must do daily, but our recommendation is to publish Stories every day.

Having consistency is the main tip for anyone learning how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram.

To encourage followers to interact with your Stories, be sure to learn how to poll Instagramand how to ask Stories questions !

Beyond Stories, do not forget live broadcasts.

It is currently the most reachable format on both Instagram and Facebook. That’s why it’s so important that you start doing it now.

More important than this is consistency. As human beings have the habit of creating habits, if you have a schedule organized for the broadcasts, little by little your followers will get used to it and also getting organized to watch your Instagram lives.

Step Four: Interact!

Social networks are not radio or TV.

Their purpose is precisely that of interaction, so in order to master how to get the first thousand followers on Instagram, it is not enough to simply produce content and expect people to identify with your brand.

Your first task in the interactions part is to invite all your friends and contacts from other social media to Instagram before you even start producing content. They will be your first followers on Instagram.

Then, look for hashtags in its class and interact with them in ways Authentic ca. This way, you will have more visibility and you will be able to receive new followers who are also interested in your content.

Is there time to interact on Instagram?

The last step of the tutorial may not be the most time-consuming, but it does require some time and dedication.

If you have a set budget to invest in gaining more followers in Instagram, Gerenciagram may be the right tool to boost your Instagram!

Through automatic interactions, you can configure hashtags, competitor profiles, and location of posts – ideal for local businesses. Then, Gerenciagram will enjoy and follow the posts according to these settings.

As Instagram notifies the user every time he gets a new follower, his chances of increasing his base of real followers increase, and he will be able to take better advantage of time and dedicate himself to learning more about getting the first thousand followers on Instagram!

But this is not the only tool in Gerenciagram.

In addition, it also allows you to set up automated messages to receive your new followers, present reports to keep up with your profile growth, and allow you to schedule posts on Instagram.

This way, you will not need to set alarms on your phone every time you need to bring a post to the air.

Best of all: you can test Gerenciagram on your own for 5 days FREE!

So click on the link and start chasing after the goal of a thousand followers on Instagram!

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