How to Block Camera and Microphone: Google gives away useful Android app

Each smartphone is equipped with a camera and a microphone.But they are not always activated if the owner wants it.With the Android app “Camera and Microphone Blocker” you can gain more control over your smartphone.

Currently it is available for free.How you can secure the offer as an Android user for later, we explain in the video.
Smartphones are true multi functional tools that allow us to not only talk on the phone, but also record voice recordings, take pictures and make videos. But who guarantees that the mobile phone does not let that happen unasked in the background?

The Android app “Camera and Microphone Blocker” promises just that. This allows you to determine which applications get access to the microphone and the camera of your smartphone.

Camera and Microphone Blocker apps
Normally, the app costs 3.79 euros in the Google Play Store. For a short time you can download completely free.
Please note that we can always only reflect the current status of such a free action and have no influence on the decisions of the developer, these may end sooner. Therefore, you should always check during your download whether the offer is still valid at this moment.
“Camera and Microphone Blocker” allows you to decide in which situations your device will be activated.

You can lock the camera and microphone by time or location. Certain applications that you trust can be whitelisted so that they are excluded from the lock. In addition, the app provides password protection and multilingual support.

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