Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Review


Huge OLED display, great performance, great photos. Apple makes a lot of things right with its new giant iPhone. With very good values ​​in the categories display, performance, camera and battery, the iPhone 11 Pro Max performs excellently in the test. The price from around 1,250 euros is peppered as always.


  • Outstanding performanc
  • Strong 6.5-inch OLED display
  • Very good battery life


  • High price
  • No microSD card slot
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack

Apple’s new giant smartphone: iPhone 11 Pro Max convinces in the test

It’s almost surprising that the largest and most up-to-date iPhone is not more expensive than its predecessor. In the cheapest variant with 64 GB of storage space, the 11 Pro Max costs 1,249 euros ( see price range ). The middle version with 256 GB costs 1,419 euros ( see in the price comparison ), the largest version with 512 GB costs 1,649 euros ( in the price comparison ).

The iPhone 11 Pro Max looks like an enlarged iPhone X, but has a few new features in stock. Key new features include the faster A13 Bionic processor, the expanded camera and better battery life. Like its little brother iPhone 11 Pro (for testing) , the 11 Pro Max appears in the colors Silver, Gold, Space Gray and Night Green.

iPhone 11 Pro Max: Strong processing with little innovation

Like its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch OLED display diagonally. Apart from the size, it does not initially differ from the iPhone X ( test ). The display has narrow edges and a prominent notch at the top. In it sit the front camera as well as several sensors, which are needed for face recognition Face ID. The 3D face recognition Apple should be faster and work from larger angles. In direct comparison with the iPhone X, however, we noticed no relevant differences.

With 226 grams of weight, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is relatively heavy, but thanks to 19.5: 9 format still comfortable in the hand. The transitions between the display, stainless steel frame and the glass back feel very high-quality processed. The back is now dull and does not catch unsightly fingerprints. Presumably, Apple has been inspired a bit by Google’s Pixel 3 (in the test) and 3 XL (in the test) . iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are waterproof as usual. In the new version, they are certified to the IP68 standard and can withstand up to 30 minutes in four meters of water.

Super bright and strong in color: the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Ma

Apple installed in the iPhone 11 Pro Max an OLED display, which offers the highest resolution of all iPhones with 2,688 × 1,242 pixels. The pixel density is 459 ppi, content looks super sharp. With a brightness value of 832 cd / m², the display shines very bright, so that there should not be any problems recognizing contents even outside in direct sunlight. Also recommended is the setting “True Tone”, on which even the iPhone 8 models have. In the setting, the display automatically adapts to the ambient lighting, so that colors appear uniform in different environments. In addition, the display is very good anti-reflective.

Colors and contrasts look very strong on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the device represents 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. So you can watch HDR videos in their full dynamic range. The white point corresponds almost exactly to the norm.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max delivers first-class performance

In terms of performance, Apple is setting new standards again with the iPhone 11 Pro (in review) and 11 Pro Max. The combination of the most important innovation, the Apple A13 Bionic processor, and 4 GB of RAM ensures extremely fast performance and excellent graphics performance. The processor, like Huawei’s in-house Kirin 990 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, which are plugged into Android smartphones, using the 7-nanometer process. The difference to chips, which were manufactured in the 10-Nanometer-Verfahren (for example the A11): They work more efficient and more energy-efficient. According to Apple, the A13 will work 20 percent faster and 40 percent more efficient.

The benchmarks show that the new A13 is still on the go. In the GFX benchmark, the iPhone 11 Pro Max beats even the strongest Android competitors clearly. The system responds at lightning speed, and even app launches and browser performance are impressive.

If so, you know, the iPhone 11 Pro has the longest battery life of all iPhones’

Apple has the iPhone 11 Pro Max a larger battery (3,969 mAh instead of the previous 3,174 mAh) missed, which is said to run for up to 5 hours longer than its predecessor. In our online runtime test, where we automatically run videos on medium brightness and scroll on web pages, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has reached an impressive 14:01 hours. This is the best result ever among all iPhones and should not cause any restrictions in everyday life.

Apple packs the iPhone 11 Pro Max (and the iPhone 11 Pro) finally a strong power adapter with 18 watts output power in the box. The predecessors came with 5-watt power supply. Thus, the loading time of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is now a whopping 138 minutes. In the first 30 minutes, the iPhone charges its battery to just over half – that’s great. You can also charge it wirelessly.

iPhone 11 Pro Max in the test: The camera now has a larger view

For the first time, there is a triple camera on the back of the new premium iPhones. Apple is by no means the first manufacturer with such a structure, because many Android smartphones, such as Huawei and Samsung, have been using three lenses for several photo options for some time.

All three lenses shoot with a resolution of 12 megapixels. In addition to a wide-angle and telephoto lens with f / 1.8 or f / 2.0 aperture is now also an ultra-wide-angle lens with f / 2.4 available, so shooting with a viewing angle of 120 degrees are possible. The telephoto lens provides 2x optical zoom and captures depth information for the blur effect in portraits. As before, an optical image stabilizer in the main and zoom lens to ensure less shaky recordings.

The transition between the three lenses works seamlessly, colors and sharpness remain the same – even during a video recording. Taking pictures with the standard lens, the larger image of the ultra-wide-angle lens in the camera app is hinted at. This is helpful to see the potential benefit of the wide-angle perspective. Should it be too late, you have the option of adjusting the angle afterwards in the photo gallery under “Edit” – at least for 30 days. As long as the iPhone 11 Pro stores the additional information.

When it comes to catching a moment spontaneously and quickly, and there’s no time to jump to Video mode, you can now just stay on the trigger longer (as known from apps like Snapchat and Instagram). In this case, shoot a video in Full HD resolution. In the video mode, the iPhone 11 Pro films like its predecessors at best in UHD resolution with 60 frames per second – optionally with a 12-megapixel front camera. Slow motion videos shoot with the rear camera at 240 frames per second (fps), the frontcam creates 120 fps.

Good stereo sound

The iPhone 11 Pro Max does not differ in its features from the 11 Pro (in the test) . Both have Bluetooth 5.0 and support fast LTE in the gigabit range. A memory card slot is still missing. The stereo speaker provides a clear, spacious and sufficiently loud sound. The scope of supply of the new iPhone 11 Pro models shows Apple with the 18-watt power supply Although generous than before, but a jack adapter for headphones is still missing.

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