9 Apps To Send Automatic Directs to Instagram

9 apps to send automatic directs to Instagram

Instagram is one of the social networks with more ancillary applications. Although constant changes often mean the closure of some, various software can help someone seeking to expand their online presence. One of the most useful types of apps you can use on this social network is apps to send automatic directs to Instagram.

Whether it’s to welcome a new follower or use them to submit promotions or sweepstakes ads, these tools can avoid the need to spend precious hours of your day. That’s why we compiled a list of 7 of the best apps to send automatic directs to Instagram.

1. Bume

One of the alternatives in Portuguese for sending automatic directs to Instagram, Bume also allows you to welcome your new followers. In the web application – which can be accessed from any device – it is possible to configure different messaging templates that will take turns in a rotation scheme for each profile that passes next to yours.

Note:  Bume offers a FREE 5 day trial with full access to features. Click on the link to register and get started now!

2. SocialGram

SocialGram is one of the best apps to send automatic directs to Instagram. Not by having a more personalized configuration or something, but by the additional features.

In addition to welcoming new followers, you can also get new ones by using automatic interactions by location, hashtag or other profiles, and you can schedule publications on the social network. All this accompanied by reports with metrics on the performance of your profile.

Find out more about SocialGram by clicking on the link and taking advantage of the 5-day FREE trial platform!

3. Social Rocket

Another very useful tool for sending automatic directs to Instagram. In addition to organizing automated messaging campaigns, Social Rocket brings automatic interactions configurable by hashtags, location, profiles, and genres, as well as scheduling postings.Take a free trial of Social Rocket for a limited time when you sign up for the link!

4. Instazood

Instazood goes beyond what the rival offers. In addition to being a platform for sending automatic directs to Instagram, Instazood also has tools to gain followers on the social network. Other features also include the ability to track comments on your posts and schedule publications, being one of the most complete tools on the market. Check the linkto register and participate in the free 3-day trial.

5. Manage

Gerenciagram is an application used to automate tasks in order to gain new followers. In addition, the software also allows the sending of automatic directives in Instagram. In the same way we see in the previous app, Gerenciagram also only allows uploading to profiles that have started following it on social media. On the other hand, its other functions make the program one of the best options to add in your digital marketing strategy.

6. Perforgram

Also in Portuguese, Perforgram allows you to configure and send automatic directives to new followers of your profile on Instagram. Among other features, we highlight the possibility of also creating automatic comment templates, which can be done in posts according to hashtags, profiles and locations selected by you.

7. SimpleGram

A complete platform for managing your interactions, posting posts, and sending directions to new followers, SimpleGram is a fairly viable alternative for anyone other than just sending automatic messages.

With the proposal to allow you to manage your content on the social network, welcome directives are just one detail among the possibilities of the application.

So, go to the link and test SimpleGram for 3 days FREE to know the platform.

8. Stim Social

With one of the best analytical tools to measure the growth of your page, Stim Social would bring you a number of social networking functions. In addition to these ratings, it can send automatic welcome directives to new followers. Message automation is not the only one available, nor is it the focus, since Stim allows its users to find profiles and publications through hashtags, among other filters. That is, in addition to the automatic directs, Stim Social finds, and adds several profiles related to its objectives, increasing the chances of receiving new followers.Note:  Stim Social has a FREE trial of 5 days. Click the link to start testing it!

9. Holr

By allowing automatic forwarding on Instagram but also on Twitter, Holr differs from Stim Social and Gerenciagram by focusing directly on messages. The program does not have the same limitation as previously described, even allowing mass messages to be sent to groups of followers.

His only setback is that he does not have a Portuguese translation, so he must have command of English. Click the link to request an app test.


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