6 Karaoke apps for music

Are you passionate about music and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a program that involves karaoke? Do you already have the songs you love to sing and consider karaoke more than just a hobby? So these apps are for you!

Get to know 6 karaoke apps and choose the one that best suits your singing pleasure!

1. Smule

The Smule app is one of the most popular and best rated for both Android and iOS.You can sing your favorite songs and record yourself by doing this (video recording option included). In addition, you can enhance your voice using various audio effects, which can be very interesting.

The app has a library of more than 800,000 songs and allows the user to record himself singing or singing duets with other people, including featured artists.

The app itself is free, but to get full access to the entire music database, you’ll have to opt for a VIP membership.

The Smule is available for iOS and Android.

2. Karaoke – Sing Without Limits 4+

The Yokee app is promoted as a free option that lets the user sing Karaoke on YouTube by accessing a special Yokee channel or the numerous free Karaoke videos on the platform. Users can sing, record, share and connect.

Sound effects are also options, such as autotune, tone correction, and optional harmonies.

Although free, users are required to produce credits to use some application functions, such as listening and sharing their recordings. Credits can be obtained by watching advertisements or buying tickets/signatures. The Premium Unlimited subscription costs R $ 25.90 per month.

The Karaoke – Sing Unlimited is available for iOS and Android.

3. Gaby Estrella Karaoke

The Gaby Estrella Karaoke app is free and allows fans of the Gloobo TV series to enjoy the characters more interactively on a tablet or smartphone, with Android or iOS.

Users can sing their favorite songs of Gaby Estrella with the voice of the characters or alone, as well as choose the settings of the farm to play and record their performances. The interface is simple, colorful and intuitive, which is ideal for children. The navigation also has the option of help in each step for clarification on the alternatives.

The application still does not allow the recordings to be shared on social networks, which reduces the app’s transmedia experience but can give more security to the parents of younger users.

The Gaby Estrella Karaoke is available for iOS and Android.

4. Red Karaoke Sing & Record

Like Smule, the Red Karaoke application enables the user to record himself or herself by singing in audio or video with lyrics, share their videos, record duets and add sound effects.

The app has a catalog with more than 100,000 karaoke songs and sing-alongs, including thousands of playbacks with lyrics in Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese, but most of them are not available in the free version.

To take advantage of all the music and functions of the application, the user can sign one of the available VIP packages.

The Red Karaoke Sing & Record is available for iOS and Android.

5. StarMaker

The StarMaker application has a large and constantly updated catalog. Like most apps in the genre, in-app purchases unlock more music, provide VIP access, and remove ads. But the most interesting thing is that the app encourages the user to sing more, allowing the user to unblock new songs with each newly recorded track.

Another differential of StarMaker is its community of more than 50,000,000 users. The app encourages the connection between them through music and enables everyone to enjoy the best audio and video from their friends and “new friends.”

With the slogan “Let the music be the bridge”, the app even promotes competitions for chances of winning prizes.

The StarMaker is available for iOS and Android.

6. The Voice

The Voice: On Stage simulates the TV show and allows the user to have a taste of the competition. The four jurors can turn the chair or not according to the performance, just as it happens in the first stage of television presentations.

The application also offers the option of battles, as in the second phase of The Voice, allowing two people to sing together. Each player sings a particular part of the chosen song. The app adds up the points and, in the end, shows who won the stage. Rick and Morty Wallpapers.

The catalog of the application is very varied, with songs that have already been presented in the program or great successes of the jurors. To buy more music, the user must use the currencies available in the application, but they do not buy the “VIP” songs. The user begins with enough to buy the first song and earns more according to the quality of their “presentations”. The more jurors turn the chair, the greater the prize. Coins can also be purchased in the app.

The Voice is available for iOS and Android.

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