5 Tips on how to prevent and repair minor cell phone damage to the case and display

iPhone 11 & Co .: How to fix display damage yourself

Scratches, a cracked display or even worse a water damage: Every smartphone user knows this most common cell phone damage. Enormously annoying – especially on expensive smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 11. When jumping in the screen only one exchange helps. For all the minor quirks, we would like to show here, together with our partner , which budget funds help you to remove minor quirks and display scratches.

Who does not know: If the smartphone is just new, treat it at first as the proverbial “raw egg”. But the grace period for your electronic everyday companion usually ends faster than you think. Quasi around the clock in use, it happens quickly that your smartphone slips out of your hand in a careless moment and falls to the ground.
Most likely, it lands on the butter side – the sensitive display. But do not worry: minor blemishes, such as tiny scratches do not require a display exchange immediately. If so, we recommend our practical tip for cheap online providers for mobile phone repair . If it’s not such a big deal, our tips and tricks will show you how to get rid of so much smartphone damage yourself.

Tip 1: What items do you carry with your smartphone?

In addition to the smartphone, other items usually go into your trouser pocket, which can quickly leave a scratch on the smartphone screen or scratch the case. The keychain is obvious, but did you know that even small change or the chic card case with stainless steel frame can scratch a display or the smartphone case? This is especially true if your smartphone is protected neither by a cover nor a slide on your screen.

Tip 2: Simply polish away the display scratches with toothpaste or baking soda

You can tackle small and not too deep scratches with toothpaste or baking soda and a little tact. The microscopic particles contained in the toothpaste act much like a polish. If you try baking soda, mix it with a small amount of water to make a tough, doughy, by no means too liquid mass.

In both cases the application is very simple: spread a small amount of toothpaste thinly on the smartphone display and let it dry. Using a clean, soft cloth, polish the scratches with circular motions with little pressure. On the other hand, you can use the baking powder paste directly after application to polish off a scratch.

Tip 3: Remove fine scratches with a special anti-scratch kit

If you do not trust the toothpaste method, we recommend a means of display polish. Your advantage: These agents have been tested by the manufacturer, which guarantees a safe use. In addition, anti-scratch kits in addition to the polish usually also contain a special and soft polish cloth that allows an even more gentle screen polish.

Tip 4: Prevent instead of repair – Protect your display with a foil

Caution is the mother of the porcelain box! This also applies to your smartphone – especially if it is a brand new and expensive model. And while the tiniest scratches are just annoying and ugly, a broken or cracked screen can even make the touch-sensitive display stop working. For an effective protection of the fragile screen, we therefore recommend a suitable for your smartphone model protective film.
Spigen offers suitable films for a number of top smartphones, which are also equipped with durable, bulletproof glass. Spigen’s special positioning aid, in addition to bulletproof glass, allows you to install the bulletproof glass on the display quickly, accurately and without any errors. So do not hesitate too long to protect your new smartphone with a suitable protective film against display damage. For example, with a high-quality and accurately fitting bulletproof glass foil from Spigen.

Tip 5: Protect the case of your smartphone with a protective case

Not only with each fall, the display is affected: The smartphone case also takes damage, for example if it falls directly onto one of the edges of the case. Especially with high-quality smartphones, such as the iPhone 11 , which can be seen on September 13 , with a metal housing and a glass back panel, caution is required.
Although the high-quality metal protects the interior of the high-tech device, even a fall from a low height can cause ugly scratches, cracks in the back or even deformation of the metal frame. That does not have to be. Because with a custom-fit protective cover, such as Spigen, your iPhone 11 is always optimally protected and you get the value of your top smartphone over many years.
Tip: For a short time you can secure a whopping 50% discount on the transparent Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for all iPhone 11 variants. Current price is thus only 3.99 €.

Covers by Spigen: Versatile solutions for every user type

All Spigen iPhone 11 cases meet the highest standards of design, protection and everyday usability. For the iPhone protection in discreet design , combined with high utility value , the covers of the Tough Armor series are just the right solution for you. The two-piece shell offers a high durability due to the thin and yet optimal structure, consisting of a durable cover and an inner part of shock-absorbing, thermoplastic plastic. In addition, the shell is waterproof.
Especially clever: With the integrated slot of the Slim Armor CS case for two credit cards, you can pay even if you have forgotten your wallet at home. Furthermore, the Slim Armor cases have the patented Air Cushion Technology ®, so that the case edges of your iPhone are not damaged in a fall.

For the many iPhone users who like to make video calls via FaceTime, Spigen offers practical wallet cases for the new iPhone 11 models . Protected by an upper made of textured and non-slip artificial leather and an inner shell made of sturdy polycarbonate, your iPhone 11 is immune to scratches and damage to the housing in all situations. If required, thanks to the case, you can put your iPhone on the table – without having to hold it awkwardly in your hands. Especially handy if you are watching a movie or want to use the browser in landscape mode.

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