12 best apps to help you when studying

12 best apps to help you when studying

Usually teachers have aversion to cell phones for their students, because of the easy loss of attention to class. Students often scatter and focus on all their smartphone apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, LESS in class. It even makes sense to ban this type of device in the classroom, but what if they were used to help and optimize content and lessons when it comes to studying?So you who are a teacher or student can already pay attention and start preparing the memory card: here is a top 15 of the best applications to improve your studies. Come on:

1- Duolingo

Often learning a second language can be very complicated, especially when school classes are weaker compared to a specialized course. To fill this gap and motivate you to learn a new language in a proper way, just download Duolingo, an application that teaches you totally free languages ​​like English, Spanish and French. 
The application is one of the most used in the world and has proven results by experts. At the end of the course, if you want, you can shell out about $ 2 to get the advanced English certificate.

Click here to download Duolingo

2 – Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an application to help you learn  math, art, computer programming,economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance and history in a practical way. With Bill Gates’ Microsoft as the official endorser of the project, make sure the Khan Academy will make you learn even the physics and math accounts you’ve given up. The application relies on a series of exercises and progress tracking systems. 
Many schools already use the method to improve student performance and the results are amazing.

Click here to download the Khan Academy

 -3 Coursera

The Coursera is a platform of courses and classes totally free, that can be done by the cell phone or computer. By downloading the App you can choose from courses such as Machine Learning and Gamification, math, including calculus and statistics, marketing, music, nutrition and more. There are some paid courses and other languages, but nothing that will stop you from making the most of the experience.

To download the Coursera just click here

4 – Decompress

Focused on high school and college entrance exams, Descomplica is an online class and video service. Containing in its collection more than 27 thousand lessons, new users can watch the first minutes of a certain subject for free, being necessary the payment of a monthly fee to have access to all the content. Everything is separated by materials and you can choose which ones to watch at any time you want.

Click here to download Descomplica

5 – SelfControl

How many times have you gotten deconcentrated several times when you sit down to study? 
For this you should use SelfControl, an application that will let you know when you are out of focus. It blocks access to sites like social networks and also creates alerts for when you stop studying, so the full focus will be on studies and not on other things.

To download SelfControl click here

6 – New Spelling Agreement

Always beats that doubt when the subject is crases, the difference between the whys, hyphen and more. If you also can not take these issues any longer, just have an app dedicated to the New Brazilian Orthographic Agreement. With it you will have a real guide to ask doubts of the Portuguese language.Click here to download the New Spelling Agreement app

7- Evernote

There is no way to start a list of applications to study without mentioning Evernote, the perfect application for making notes of all kinds. If you want to jot down something from class or some other task just open Evernote and start writing. 
With it you create notes and can classify them by subject or class.

In addition, Evernote has automatic synchronization, so if you’re annotating on your smartphone, opening Evernote at home will have all your content there. And if you are doing a group work just share your notes with everyone – making collaborative editing possible.

Click here to install Evernote

8 – Easy Study

There are so many classes every day that it’s easy to get lost, is not it? Now you no longer have this problem, just use the Easy Study application. With it you can create complete calendars of your classes and organize them by color. Never forget a proof or delivery of work, since you can also mark deliveries and tasks for a particular day of the month.

Click here to download Easy Study

9 – Peak

If you feel guilty every time you take some time off from studying to play some game on your cell phone, you have enough pain in your conscience! Just download Peak, an application packed with games that increase your thinking speed and exercise the brain. With it you can enhance your Memory, Focus, Problem Solving, Mental Agility and Language skills with fun and challenging games.

Click here to download Peak

10 – I passed by

When you are having difficulty writing at the entrance exam, all help is welcome. To get online support there is Passei Direto, a 100% free and collaborative social network for students. In it you share summary materials, notes and exercises. There are already more than 5 million registered users and several files ready to access and study.

Click here to download the Direct Pass.

11 – Fit Brains Training

It’s always good to get your brain sharp to absorb more information from class! To improve their relationship with new teachings, it is recommended to use the Fit Brains Training app, which as well as the Nintendo DS game “Brain Age” also contains several activities that will increase your brain abilities. These games are designed to enhance your memory, processing speed, concentration, problem solving, and visual skills. Using Fit Brains Trainer for a few minutes daily enhances your academic performance!

Click here to download Fit Brains Training

12- GoConqr

A very complete application to study by cell phone. It brings together various educational tools in one place and is suitable for students and teachers who want to insert the technology in their day to day. Contains tools like Notes, Mental Challenges to increase concentration, and even a Study Plan to organize yourself with the materials and evidence.

Click here to download GoConqr


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