12 Amateur Music Apps (Android and iPhone)

12 Amateur Music Apps (Android and iPhone)

Are you a music lover too, and you can not spend a day without listening and discovering new artists, styles and tracks? Then you’ll be happy with our list of 12 music applications for different devices.If you prefer, you can also see our list of the best applications for downloading music on iPhone . Now find platforms to listen to your favorite albums on your smartphone, web and computer!

1. Apple Music

Apple Music is the default music application for Mac OS computers and iOS mobile devices. The app has a bank of more than 50 million songs, with no ads. Users can download their favorite songs to listen to even while without an Internet connection, access their own albums in iTunes and more.In addition, Apple Music can be accessed by any device through your account, synchronizing data immediately. Choose playlists, discover artists, see what your friends are listening to with one of the best music apps on the market. Go to the official page !

2. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music streaming service from  Amazon itself, one of the most famous marketplaces in the world. It’s especially good for those who own a box with Amazon’s artificial intelligence , Alexa. It has a free trial period of up to 30 days, then charging monthly for its users to have full access to their music libraries, artists, albums and discographies. Want to know what’s available on Amazon Music? Go to the official page !

3. Shazam

Shazam is one of the most widely used music applications, with 100 million users monthly. With it, users can identify which songs are being played through the microphone of their smartphone. Find out the name of the song, singer and even your lyrics. In addition, you can add songs found through the application in your playlist in Spotify.Get updates of new songs released by great artists and even be able to listen and buy music directly to your Google Play Music. Download it graciously for iOS and Android !

4. SoundCloud

You’ve probably heard of SoundClound, a huge library of songs and audios. In addition to allowing users to discover albums, titles and artists, SoundCloud allows users to make their own creations available on the platform. It also was not off our list with the best iPhone music apps !Among its features, the application also lets you follow friends and artists to hear everything they share. It’s free and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play only. Download it 

5. iHeartRadio

For lovers of radio broadcasts, iHeartRadio lets you tune in to up to 1500 different radios. Listen to AM and FM stations, with millions of songs from various artists. Find a radio that pleases you through the app and save it as a favorite. In addition, the app suggests specific radios for different music styles. Check out iOS and Android for free !

6. TuneIn

Listen to your favorite radios, playlists, albums and artists through TuneIn, one of the best music applications, especially for radio. It offers in addition to music broadcasts also the possibility to connect to live radios from sports events and podcasts around the world.There are more than 100 thousand options, among them: Radio Transamérica, Jovem Pan FM, Mix FM, Coca-Cola FM. If you were looking for an app to stay on top of what’s going on and listen to your favorite music, try it out. TuneIn is free and is available for iOS and Android!

7. Spotify

You’ve probably heard of Spotify, one of the most famous music streaming services worldwide. It allows users to create their own playlists , share playlists with friends, access albums of famous musicians, and more. The platform separates songs by genre, categories, artists, etc. Your navigation is excellent.The app is free, offering monthly paid plans to remove ads and unlock other features. In addition, Spotify provides a family plan so that you use only a single premium account for your physical address. Have not tried the app yet? Access the website and download for Windows PC, Mac OS, Android and iOS!

8. Google Play Music

For Android devices, Google Play Music is the default application. It offers integration with your iTunes songs as well as personal or family plans. You can buy music directly from within the app, as well as explore different albums, playlists and discover new songs.

Play Music also allows users to store up to 50,000 songs from their own computer to listen to on any device, even offline. Go to the official website and start using your free version right now!

9. Deezer

Deezer is one of the most popular music applications on the market. Offering both a free version and extra features through its premium subscription.Create playlists with unlimited amounts of music, download albums to listen to even while offline, track lyrics for songs that are playing right on your smartphone screen, and more. Deezer is a complete app, worth checking out. Download it

10. Pandora Music

Pandora brings a personalized experience to its users. Suggesting songs, artists and playlists based on their music preferences. In addition, you can also browse categories according to the type of music or feeling you are seeking, such as playlists for a romantic dinner, gym training, and more.The application also has 2 paid packages, Premium and Plus. Plus is cheaper and has fewer features, but already allows users to listen to music without any advertisement or advertisement. Want to know more? Visit the store for iOS and Android !

11. Musi

Musi is one of the best music apps for iOS. It allows your users to organize and create playlists of music directly from YouTube. Share with your friends, stream to devices through AirPlay and even use it as a radio in your car.The best part is that the app is entirely free, offering only a single charge for the removal of ads and advertisements. Download it for iOS !

12. 8tracks

8tracks brings a streaming music service to your users  directly in your browser. It can be tried for free for up to 14 days and then must be purchased through your monthly fee.The platform has several playlists of different categories, moods and musical styles. Find the best songs for your breakfast, workout in the gym or to concentrate while you work. Are you interested? Access the official website !

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