11 WhatsApp Applications You Need to Know

11 WhatsApp Applications You Need to Know

WhatsApp is now one of the most common messaging applications used in Brazil. Used daily by millions of users for conversations with family and friends, business, sending files and even voice and video calls. There are several tools that can further improve your user experience with the app. See our list of 11 WhatsApp apps you need to know right away!

1. WhatsApp Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best applications for WhatsApp, distributed by its own developer. The application essentially offers several images to be used as a background for your conversations.

These are perfectly matched to the application, not losing quality and adjusting to the right size. Unfortunately, there are not many wallpaper options available, but at least the app is free. Check it out for Android !

2. AppLock

With over 100 million download only on Google Play, AppLock is certainly one of the best apps for WhatsApp. It allows users to create image or password patterns to block applications. No longer worry about lending your cell phone to friends, they will not be able to read your messages and access any protected app.AppLock has advanced features like automatic locking, certain variables, quick unlock widget, and more. Even running in the background, it has a low battery consumption and takes up little memory. !

Alternatively, for iOS users, the Lock application 

3. Transciber WhatsApp

Transciber has over 500,000 downloads on Google Play. It basically allows users to transcribe audio messages to texts. Are you in a meeting, public environment or situation where you can not listen to audios on your smartphone? Use the application and convert everything so you can read without disturbing anyone around you.The application can also be applied to hearing impaired users. Plus, it’s great for avoiding those audio jokes that are commonly sent in WhatsApp groups . Transcriber is free,  download it through the link !

4. Click2Chat

Clik2Chat allows scheduling, cleaning and translation of messages by WhatsApp. Check when automatic text, video, audio or picture messages are sent to your contacts and groups.Also, clean up your old conversations, manage your files, and save storage space to your smartphone. . Download it for free for Android!

5. WhatsApp Cleaner

WhatsApp Cleaner is an excellent application to keep your phone clean and save storage space. Its intuitive interface displays exactly how much space each aspect of WhatsApp is consuming on your memory card or internal bank.Clean up audios, videos, backgrounds, pictures, profile photos and even conversations easily through the app. It is entirely free and is available for Android .

6. Zapp: WhatsApp Audio Speed

Zapp is an extension that can be added to your Google Chrome, allowing users to speed up and control the playback speed of audios heard in WhatsApp. With this, you can listen to long audios in a lot less time, directly affecting our productivity and the time spent absorbing the information.Want to know how to install it in your browser?

7. WhatApp Business

Did you know that WhatsApp’s own developer company also provides a business version of the tool? WhatsApp Business allows your users to customize a business profile, which can include the link to their company’s website, physical location, and additional contact information.

In addition, WhatsApp Business makes it possible for a phone number other than your private number to be registered in your account. The app has automatic offline messaging configuration capabilities and is also compatible with WhatsApp Web .Users can have both business and standard applications installed on the same smartphone. Are you interested? Download it for free for Android !

8. Parallel Space

Parallel Space is more than just one of the great applications for WhatsApp. Essentially, it allows users to log in to accounts from 2 social networks at the same time. This serves as much for our message applications as Facebook, Instagram and even games.Parallel Space can be useful for users who want to keep two accounts with different phone numbers registered in WhatsApp. It’s free and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play. Download it for Android !

9. DirectChat

DirectChat allows users to view conversations in their messaging apps without necessarily opening them. Want to read and answer someone without leaving the screen of your game for Android ? You can do this with DirectChat. You can configure which users you would like the chat bubble to be enabled for.The app also lets your users talk to your contacts directly to the smartphone lock screen. You can also choose themes and customize the appearance of open message windows through it. Surely it could not be left out of our list of WhatsApp applications that you need to know about. Liked? Download it for free for Android !

10. AutoResponder

AutoResponder is especially useful for users who frequently chat with customers through WhatsApp. It allows you to create and configure automatic, individually customizable responses. You can create rules, use bookmarks for name, location, time according to each contact, welcome, and more. Certainly one of the best applications for WhatsApp, AutoResponder will help you manage conversations with multiple contacts in much less time. It’s free and it’s available for Android !

11. SKEDit

Schedule messages in WhatsApp, SMS, Emails and more using SKEDit. The application is entirely focused on scheduling automatic messages. If you do not want the messages to come out automatically, you can also choose to receive a notification before the delivery time so that you can make last-minute changes.SKEDit can be considered a good time management application , making you more efficient in your communications. It’s free and it’s available for Android !

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