10 Best Apps to Send Automatic SMS

10 best apps to send automatic SMS

There are now many ways to communicate with visitors to your site, including sending automatic SMS. This can be a good way to send messages or reminders to those who have registered on the site, for example. Of course, the feature can be used more casually by users who just want to schedule messages for post-delivery. Either way, you can check out the best apps to send automatic SMS right below!

1. PushBIZ

PushBIZ is more for WordPress users , since it is basically a plugin for this platform. It mainly serves to identify the visitors to your site and send notifications and automatic messages to those who have registered on your site.

The best thing is that messages are sent when the person is not on your site, so it works as a reminder. You can check more about through the link .

2. iZoto

IZooto is a very good tool for anyone who wants to communicate with their customers off the site. With it, you can send automatic messages to clients depending on certain parameters.

Its greater use ends up happening in virtual stores, but it is possible to use it in different types of sites. You can try the demo or create your free account through the link .

3. Pushover

Pushover is a little different, since it serves more to get all your notifications and send them in a single device. This includes email messages, SMS, social networking notifications, etc.

It can be used across platforms and has good support for individual use or in professional teams. You can check out more about the app through the link .

4. Roost

Roost is a simpler application and basically serves to send notifications and messages from your site to visitors. It does not have many other types of features, so it works great for those who are just looking for something quick to set up and use. Click here

5. PushWoosh

PushWoosh is great not only for those who own a website or a virtual store, but can be useful for anyone who has their own application. It helps you set up and send personalized messages and notifications to your visitors and customers.

It can be used on multiple platforms and there is still the possibility of testing the app for a free period before you decide to purchase it. Click here

6. E-Goi

From the outset, we can recommend E-Goi. This is a tool widely used by those who want to establish better communication with those who visit your site.

In addition to having options for email marketing, bots and notifications for websites, it can also help you send automatic SMS. The app is one of the most complete and the feature itself works great. You can check more through the link .


Push is also an extension, but for Google Chrome instead of WordPress. It was developed for more casual use so it can be used by anyone.

Basically, it allows you to unify or create your own reminders and notifications. These notifications can appear directly in the browser at any given time or can be sent as automatic SMS in an inserted number. You can check more through the link .

8. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a very popular app that can be used to send automatic notifications, email messages and SMS to your PC. In these cases, it is more used by those who do not like to be dividing attention between two devices when doing something important.

Just have the application installed on your smartphone and PC to receive all messages with convenience. You can use it for free through the link .

9. Pusher

Pusher can also be used to send automatic notifications and messages to visitors to your site. This can be done in the original version of the site or in a mobile app that you have.

A good point is that the tool is very simple to implement, so it is a good option for those who do not have much experience in the subject. You can check more through the link .

10. OneSignal

OneSignal is another good option that also offers many communication features with website visitors. Besides giving you the possibility of notifications, it can be used to send messages and automatic SMS.

In this case, the tool is widely used for those who want to continue the contact with the visitors of your site. You check out more about the software through the link .

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